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Finotrol provides professional product certification services with effective and flexible attitude.
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Petteri Torniainen

Specialised in product certification services - Finotrol

Expertise and flexibility

Finotrol specialises in construction product certifications. Our qualified personnel has extensive experience in inspection services as well as product certifications. We participate strongly in development of standardisation and certification activities. Finotrol offers professional, flexible and effective certification and testing services.

Company background

Finotrol has been established by professionals having decades of experience in inspection and certification services. Our goal is to provide customer-oriented product certification services. Our personnel has versatile experience in product certifications for different products which helps better to understand and appreciate customer needs. We help your company in all aspects of quality control with full service attitude.

By assuring quality together with Finotrol, you ensure profitable growth in your business.

Product certification professional - Finotrol