Finotrol offers services related to CE marking for following products (related standard in brackets):

(The operation of the Notified body as defined in the EU Construction product Regulation 305/2011)

  • Structural finger jointed solid timber (EN 15497:2014)
  • Strength graded structural timber (EN 14081-1:2005 + A1:2011)
  • Timber frame building kits (ETAG 007)
  • Log building kits (ETAG 012)
  • Glued laminated timber (EN 14080:2013)
  • Timber structures assembled with punched metal plate fasteners (EN 14250:2010)
  • Steel connectors for use in load bearing timber structures (EN 14545:2008)
  • Solid wood panelling and cladding (EN 14915:2013)
  • Wood flooring (EN 14342:2013)
  • Wood poles for overhead lines (EN 14229:2010)
  • Prefabricated stair kits (ETAG 008)
  • Wood-based panels for use in construction (EN 13986:2004)
  • Wood-concrete composite floor (ETA-12/0818)
  • Monolithic or laminated beam and wall logs made of timber (ETA-12/0488)
  • Light composite wood-based beams and columns (ETAG 011)
  • Windows and doors (increased fire rating, EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010)

(Based on national acts 954/2012 and 555/2013 concerning approval of products, which cannot be yet marked with CE-marking)

  • Prefabricated wall, floor and roof elements (national criteria)
  • Prefabricated stairs kits (national criteria)
  • Posi-joist floor joists (ETA 07/0161)
  • Timber structures assembled with punched metal plate fasteners, where LVL-, glued laminated timber or I-beam is used (EN 14250:2010 + national FC-guide)

(voluntary certification)

  • Impregnated wood (NTR approval, ,national FC-guide)
  • Thermally modified timber, TMT (ITWA approval,  ,national FC-guide)
  • Laminated log (national FC-guide)
  • Glued timberparts (national FC-guide)
  • Painting of industrial wooden parts and structures (national FC-guide)
  • Wooden pallets ( SFS-EN 13692-2, FIN and UIC 435-2, EUR)
  • Wooden packages (national FC-guide)
  • Doors and windows (national FC-guide)


Product certification

Before entering onto market, for many products it is essential to obtain product certificate from an inspection body, such as Finotrol Oy.

Before a product can be certified and marketed, an inspection body will assess that the product meets certain preordained standards. Conformance of the product and its manufacturing process will be checked during initial assessment carried by the inspection body. Initial testing of the product might be also required before a product certificate is granted. After initial assessment, conformance of the product and its manufacturing process will continue with internal and external quality assurance.

Preordained standards and other documentation for requirements are followed during product assessments. All necessary requirements for the product are defined in the standards and documentation, which are used to ensure product conformance in each intended use case.