Control Union Finland Oy offers services related to CE marking for following products (related standard in brackets):


(The operation of the Notified body as defined in the EU Construction product Regulation 305/2011)

  • Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas (EN 13043:2002/AC:2004)
  • Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout (EN 13055-1:2002/AC:2004)
  • Lightweight aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments and for unbound and bound applications (EN 13055-2:2004)
  • Aggregates for concrete (EN 12620:2002/A1:2008)
  • Aggregates for mortar (EN 13139:2002/AC:2004)
  • Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction (EN 13242:2002+A1:2007)
  • Armourstone (EN 13383-1:2002/AC.2004)
  • Aggregates for railway ballast (EN 13450:2002/AC:2004)
  • Building lime (EN 459-1:2011)
  • Concrete admixtures (EN 934-2:2009 + A1:2012)


(Based on national acts 954/2012 and 555/2013 concerning approval of products, which cannot be yet marked with CE-marking)

  • Ready-mix concrete (national criteria)


Product certification

Before entering onto market, for many products it is essential to obtain product certificate from an inspection body, such as Control Union Finland Oy.

Before a product can be certified and marketed, an inspection body will assess that the product meets certain preordained standards. Conformance of the product and its manufacturing process will be checked during initial assessment carried by the inspection body. Initial testing of the product might be also required before a product certificate is granted. After initial assessment, conformance of the product and its manufacturing process will continue with internal and external quality assurance.

Preordained standards and other documentation for requirements are followed during product assessments. All necessary requirements for the product are defined in the standards and documentation, which are used to ensure product conformance in each intended use case.